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How to handle crashes while scanning

GrandPerspective is very stable. Crashes while it is scanning are fortunately very rare, but have been known to happen. If it happens to you, follow these steps:

  1. Enable full logging when starting the application. To do so, start the application from Terminal with -logAll YES as commandline argument.

    For example, when you have version 1.7.0 and mounted it as a volume, type:
    /Volumes/GrandPerspective\ 1.7.0/ -logAll YES
  2. Try to reproduce the crash. Did you manage?
  3. Try to find the root cause problem by answering the following questions:
  4. Once you manage to reproduce a repeatable crash, submit a bug report for it. Provide as much details as you can.

    Note: You can also submit a report when you did not manage to reproduce a repeatable crash. However, the chance that the problem can then be fixed is much smaller.