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The view's Display panel

The Display panel in the view's drawer enables you to change how the view is drawn. You can choose from various file color mappings:

You can also select one of the various color palettes that is provided with the application. You can pick one that suits your taste. Note, however, that the number of colors per palette varies, which has an effect on the color mapping. The colors in the palette are shown below it. When a color mapping is used where colors have a meaningful interpretation, a description will be shown alongside each color.

You can also configure a mask. When you use a mask, only certain files are shown. Files that are masked, on the other hand, still take up space but are not drawn. Masking can be useful for quickly identifying certain (types of) files, and can also be useful step before applying a filter.

By default, the view only shows the files that have been scanned (or a subset thereof). However, you can choose to show the entire volume. By enabling this setting, the view also shows the free space and the miscellaneous used space. Note, if the total size of the scanned files is small compared to the size of the overall volume then the view will not be very interesting. In this case, you are better off disabling the "Show entire volume" setting again. Alternatively, you can scan the folder at the root of the volume, if you had not already done so.

You can configure if the contents of packages should be shown. If contents are hidden, each package appears as a single file in the view. After enabling "Show package contents", all files inside packages will be shown.