GrandPerspective localization

If you want to help out with making GrandPerspective available in your mother tongue, or any other language you speak fluently, here is how to go about it:

  1. Go to the GrandPerspective Localization forum to check if somebody is already working on the specific localization you have in mind. If so, see if you can somehow help out. Otherwise, you can announce your plans to work on a new localization on the forum.

  2. Localize the English resources in the English.lproj folder. You should take the resources from the source code distribution, as this includes the classes.nib and info.nib files that InterfaceBuilder needs. Localize all nib files and all strings files one by one. This requires the use of XCode and InterfaceBuilder. See Apple's developer documentation for details. In particular, it includes documentation about how to localize the GUI as well as info on how to localize the other resources.

  3. When you think you're done, test your work. Run GrandPerspective using your locaized resources. First check that there is nothing you have forgotten to translate. Secondly, check that everything still works.

  4. All okay? Then upload your localized resources to the Localizations Tracker. You could also add a message to the Localization forum. This way, other users can already use them if they want, and report any problems there may be.


Below you can find some things to watch out for: